Funeral Plan Comparisons Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What if I want a burial?

A – As costs and arrangements can vary dramatically throughout the UK, it is essential that you discuss these issues with one of our expert. There are many options to secure a plan that will providing varying levels of cover, but as a rule, the cost of the purchase a plot in a cemetery will be a cost that will need to born by you – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more.

Q – What happens if I die while on holiday or away from home?

A – Your funeral director will arrange collection from anywhere in the UK, although a fee may apply if outside of normal mileage boundaries. If you die whilst abroad on holiday,  then repatriation costs will be incurred, which can very often be covered with a good holiday travel insurance policy – Please ensure that you check the small print or ask the question to make sure that this cover is included. check that your normal travel insurance policy covers this. If you are an Expat living abroad looking for Prepaid Funeral plans, then you should talk to our experts, as plans are available to suit your needs, but these do depend upon where you are living – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more.

Q – How can I pay for my funeral plan?

A – There are a number of ways. You can pay securely online through our website, you can pay by cheque or bank transfer or you can pay over a number of months, interest free over 24 months or up to 30 years (with charges)* by direct debit. Your options will vary depending on which plan provider you choose to go with – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more.

Q – What if I die before I have paid in full?

A – The plan will continue as you have requested and your estate or relatives will be requested to pay up the amount outstanding to complete your plan purchase. The benefit to you and your family is they will only be asked to pay the amount based upon the price of your funeral plan when you started it, not the price of the funeral at the time when it is needed, which if there are many years in between, you could save thousands of pounds!  Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more.

Q – Is my money safe?

A – Absolutely and more importantly all your payments are protected, as it is held by a fund trustee, who is regulated by either the Financial Conduct Authority or the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so you have peace of mind in knowing that your money is kept safe.

Q – Can I choose my Funeral Director?

A – You can choose any funeral director who is a member of a national association and the plan provider will confirm their acceptance of your prepaid funeral plan with you.

Q – Is my chosen Funeral Director guaranteed to accept my plan?

A – In most cases yes. There are however the odd exception to the rule and in these situations, the funeral director will initially be contact in attempt to help them to understand the benefits to them of acceptance, but if they still will not, then your plan provider will talk to you about considering another firm and disbursement costs can vary quite substantially across the UK. Your chosen Funeral Director can raise the issue of plan prices with us directly and we will always endeavour to reassure the Funeral Director of the financial security of your plan. Only if absolutely necessary will we have to discuss this issue with you. Rest assured you will not be liable for any additional costs or charges unless you agree to them.

Q – Do I have to add disbursements?

A – You don’t have to and some UK funeral plan providers have plans which exclude cover for disbursements. We however believe that you should cover them, so we don’t recommend that you exclude at least some costs to be covered. The UK Funeral Plans companies vary in the amount of money that they include for disbursements, but on average you should expect cover to range from £940.00 to £1200.00 within most prepaid funerals plans. Unfortunately, because disbursement costs are not set by funeral directors, the rate at which these costs increase are not in the control of the funeral director – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more.

Q – Can I Personalise My Plan?

A – Some UK plan providers will allow you to tailor a plan away from their standard selection, so that you can design and personalise your funeral plan to be just as you wish; choose one of the standard plans and personalise it with your own preferences including readings, songs, hymns, flowers, donations to charity etc – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more funeral plan comparisons frequently asked questions.

Q – Who are Silver Choices and how are we paid?

A – Silver Choices Is a Trading Style Of Moneymatchmaker Later Life Planning Limited is an independently, privately owned UK based company and has been successfully operating since 2006. We provide Free of charge later life planning advice, which we can do, as we are paid an introduction fee by the companies who provide the funeral plans. We don’t believe in making charges to you for the advice and recommendations that you receive as the money that we receive for the introductions is more than sufficient to allow us to trade profitably, employ staff and provide a stable platform of employment. The monetary returns paid to us are much the same across all plan providers within the UK, which allows our expert advisers to deliver guidance that is purely based upon your requirements and what is best for you and are never driven by any other factors, which is not the case with all companies who say that they are providing true funeral plan comparisons guidance, but only sell a single plan providers funeral plans.

Q – What happens if I move?

A – Your Funeral Plan can easily be transferred to another funeral director within the UK if you move. You will need to contact us or the plan provider for guidance regarding the process involved and you will need to be prepared to nominate another funeral director in the UK. If you move somewhere that cannot be covered, then you will, depending on the chosen provider, be able to either transfer the plan to another close family member or if you wish, cancel the plan and receive a full refund of the plan price, subject to all of your payments having been made.

* Charges can be made for installment plans that run between 12 and 360 months, but this does vary between prepaid funerals providers – Please feel free to contact us to talk to a funeral plans expert and find out more about funeral plan comparisons frequently asked questions.