Planning ahead financially is important and especially when dealing with the sensitive issue of funerals. For many people, the subject of paying for a funeral ahead of time can be a little morbid – something they don’t want to think about. However, pre-planning takes a lot of stress out of a very difficult time for loved ones. It can save them the burden of making the arrangements and paying a large bill when all they want to do is grieve. Even if money has been put aside for the costs, will it cover everything?

Paying for a FuneralAverage Funeral Costs

Paying for a funeral can be expensive. Since 2004, the average cost of a funeral has rocketed by 80% and is set to rise much higher. Many people squirrel money way in their savings accounts or through an over 50 life insurance plan, but sadly that may not be enough. The current average cost of a funeral is £3,600 and this is rising by hundreds of pounds each year. Typical costs for a basic funeral will cover the funeral director’s services. This includes:

* transporting the deceased from the place of death and caring for them before the funeral
* the hearse and limousine
* the coffin
* embalming
* funeral staff
* administration costs
* disbursement costs – embalming, cremation or burial fees, doctor’s fees and minister’s fees

But optional extras that could increase costs include:

* flowers
* death notice or obituary
* additional limousine
* service sheets
* wake
* headstone or plaque

There are various ways to pay for a funeral including:

* from your savings
* from an over 50 life insurance plan
* by your family or friends
* from your estate
* from a prepaid funeral plan

Even if there is plenty of money in your estate to cover the costs, your family could be burdened if there is a delay in probate being granted. This could give your family a huge amount of extra emotional pressure by having to make tough decisions at a difficult time. One way to avoid this is to consider a prepaid funeral plan.

What are prepaid funeral plans?

Prepaid funeral plans are an increasingly popular way to make funeral arrangements for the future. The plan includes having a funeral tailored to your wishes with everything from nominating the undertakers to choosing the music. The average cost of a funeral has risen dramatically over the past 10 years and it’s predicted that by 2029, an average funeral will cost £10,000. A prepaid plan is practical and flexible and once the arrangements are made, you can relax knowing it’s one less thing to worry about.

The benefits at a glance:

* the funeral service will be exactly as you wish it to be
* peace of mind knowing your family and friends won’t struggle in order to give you a good send off
* your family will be comforted knowing the service is how you want it to be
* your loved ones won’t have to worry whether there is enough money to cover all the arrangements
* choose from affordable and flexible payment options to suit your circumstances
* freeze funeral costs at today’s prices

How do I take out a plan?

At Funeral Plan Comparisons UK, we can help you arrange your own personalised funeral by comparing the UK market leaders to find one that is suitable to you and your financial circumstances. Your choices when paying for a funeral are various, some plans require you to pay in a single payment, while others can be paid in regular installments. Get in touch and we will work with you to find the best options to suit your needs and budget.

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